Johnny Zephyr


Johnny, the front man to the band and in the middle of all the action, jumping into the crowd and involving everybody around him.  Rock and roll runs in his veins, causing him to give a performance full of enthusiasm and passion and making the experience fun and memorable

Dominic Price

Dom, the memorable lead guitarist playing Chuck Berry to Leonard Skynyrd, enticing the crowd with a stunning performance and playing a mixture of 60's and 70's music immensely.

Natasha Price

Rock, Country & Soul vocalist singing a mixture of songs with unbelievable soul and talent from the 50's, 60's & 70's, incorporating in perfect 3 part harmonies with the other band members and providing backing vocals for Johnny & Dom.


The mischievous bass player, causing extra fun for the band and getting right into the crowd to put on the best possible show. Supplying the audience with one of the best walking bass lines ever heard, incredible bass skills and an immense performance.


Phil the drummer, the man behind all the magic. Phil has been with The Zephyrs for 10 years and is an incredible member to the band. Giving a great drum beat for every song he plays and showing his insane and professional skills 24/7.

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